Serving handcrafted sandwiches since 1996

Growing up and working in Long Island delicatessens is how Robert found his passion for the business. His enthusiasm flourished, expertise expanded and in the early 1980's, acquired a business of his own. After spending many years owning delicatessens in Westchester County, New York, Robert and Anette decided to move their family to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1996.

Sandwich Club originated as one of the first premier "sandwich shops" in the emerging city of Charlotte. The focus is to create a restaurant experience that combines the rich taste of a New York delicatessen with the refined atmosphere of an upscale bistro. Sandwich Club quickly became one of uptown Charlotte's most popular lunch spots.

The menu features 32 sandwiches with quality ingredients and amazing flavor combinations. It also allows you to create your own experience with an endless selection of meats, cheeses, veggies, and dressings to pile between two slices of bread. We continue to focus on quality fare, attentive service and a truly satisfied customer.